Tuesday, June 4, 2013

12 Awesome Things I'm Gonna Make With Graphene, the Strongest Stuff on Earth. You Know, After I Get My Hands on Some

See? The future isn't all that bad. 

At least they're working on making this graphene stuff, this strongest substance on Earth, and they made some kind of advances this week that means it'll be way easy to manufacture. Well, maybe not way easy, but possible. 

What it is is a single-molucule thick layer of carbon, bonded together in hexagons and such, and it's nearly unbreakable and flexible and I probably close to invisible. Stronger than anything. Oh, and it's flexible and can conduct electricity and save the world.

Totally gonna get some of that and make some awesome stuff.

Like what? Easy, like this:

1. Invisible bulletproof hoodie! That's right, and invisible hoodie that nobody can see! And stops bullets! Maybe I'll just weave that stuff into a regular hoodie. Point is, bulletproof.

2. Invisible bulletproof balaclava!

3. Invisible bulletproof Chuck Taylors!

4. Bendable iPhone! So it's all comfy in my pocket. And probably bulletproof, why not. 

5. A big-ass Dyson sphereTotally using a giant ball of this stuff to encase the sun and trap it's energy to feed an ecosystem and platform for civilization billions of times larger than Earth's, securing the future of humankind and my place in history. Probably will be too thick to be invisible, but for real: bulletproof.

6.-12. You get the idea.

Anyway. Stuff is super cool and I want some. What are you gonna do with it?

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