Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Some Smart Guy Cracks The New Yorker Cartoon Contest, But My Method’s Totally Better

Really happy to see this story in Slate about how to win The New Yorker cartoon caption contest. Guy nailed it, and clearly understands how to get inside the minds of these neurotic, self-obsessed glyphs constantly thrown into surreal situations.

I have my own science on this, which is to have these characters say the most obvious thing possible. I never submit. I’d never win. But here’s a few.

"I ate a doctor."

"Hi. I’m holding a fuck doll."

"I have bat wings."

"Happy birthday. Here’s a bomb."


Mayrav said...

You really should submit one of these. Who knows what that crazy Texan will find funny?

slosh said...

I've convinced myself at least 3 times that victory was mine only to be disappointed. I'll never play again. Maybe.