Wednesday, June 25, 2008

E! Online: Much Ado Over Some Lady Parts

We’re launching a new series if weekly lists or whatever, so I kicked it off today with a little thing I like to call Angelina Jolie's Best Body Parts: Our Top 9. Best part, as always, are the comments. One gem:

Also, apparently, I'm a terrible writer, I hate women, I never completed college, and I am a mental case. Awesome. Thanks, readers.


Anonymous said...

I always thought you were "stockerish".

Chris said...

Apparently AJ's lips have had "Cologne" injected into them. you learn something new every day.

Heidi said...

I have visited your entertainment web site, chosen to read a story about celebrity actress/activist Angelina Jolie, and am shocked to discover that it has an entertainment focus! Also, who knew that anyone was paying attention to her physical appearance? I am very outraged and would like to cancel my subscription.

LYT said...

Of all the movies to pick that involve seeing her breasts, why would you choose Taking Lives?

Original Sin has the more appropriate love interest in Antonio Banderas, and GIA has her doing it with that chick from LOST.

Anonymous said...

You're a shitty writer because you failed to mention the lesbo action on Foxfire and the pool titties in Hackers.

You also hate women.

"You should both be fired!!"