Saturday, May 24, 2008

God Bless Jetblue—and More Deep Thoughts Stewed on a Short Trip to New York

The televisions weren't working on the way back so it's lucky I pounded so much of the FLAVOR OF LOVE marathon on the way out. Other highlights: Rain. And some more rain. Zev declaring, just out of the blue, walking down the street: "I love New York City." Surprise brunch with Rick. Midtown Comics. The Strand. Max Brenner aka the Chocolate Restaurant. Leaving a cheap yellow umbrella in a cab for the next guy. Zev's first Broadway show, a little something they call THE LION KING. Catching Dad and Marion on their way to NC. The one rain-free hour we managed to get at Central Park. Keith's bizarrely intimate knowledge of Central Park. $5 aviator shades. Noodles at Republic. Lyn's tattoo plans. Dinosaur bones. Probably some other stuff but I'm tired.

Anyway. Photos here.

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Anonymous said...

I was delighted to share my bizarre intimacy. It is, after all, my office.