Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekend Highlights (feat. Gwen, Chuck, Ani & a Cast of Thousands)

First soccer class with Zev, all daddy-and-me-style. Kid's a natural. Everything else pales, but a few other big moments from the weekend:
  • Hanging around the playground when, hey look at that, Gwen Stefani's here with Gavin and Kingston, who's totally Zev's age. Gavin was on the phone talking about some iTunes acoustic set, and still did all the toy and trike wrangling. The rest of us tried to pretend that they, and the paparazzi, weren't there. Kinda awkward, especially when Zev totally snagged the swing Kingston was eyeing. Sorry about that, Gavin.
  • The return of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. I'm not sure what to think about this Starbuck thing, either, madam president.
  • The death of Northwestern's most famous alum, Charlton Heston. Too bad, also, that they're remaking all of his best movies. If they're not careful, gonna make him obsolete one of these days.
  • Seeing Ani DiFranco. Again. Probably like my 10th time and I'm not kidding. Mayrav loves her, so I go. Not a bad show, not a great show. Orpheum Theatre downtown, wonderful ornate old place. Not really the best acoustics, but then maybe it was her crew. Yeah, let's blame those guys, and not the deco theater that's been here for a century.

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