Thursday, March 20, 2008

Why the Bennigan's Birthday Song is Way Better than the Regular Birthday Song

I used to work at Bennigan's. We had a special birthday song, to sing to people who claimed it was their birthday and wanted the attention of the entire staff, if only for a short, bright moment.

And I have to admit. It's a good song. Plenty more festive than that dirge-like birthday song we all put up with every year. More clapping. More merriment. More drive and go and simple joy.

Anyway. It's not my birthday, it's somebody else's here in the office, but it got me thinking. Maybe we can start a movement, to replace the song. Pep it up with a little casual dining-inspired zip. Or totally not.

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Chris said...

I've always thought the regular birthday song is more like a funeral dirge -- you sort of sing it *at* someone, like the ominous music on the horror movie soundtrack. "Ha-a-ppy Birth-day" -- pause here for the sound of the zombie digging free of its own grave -- "to YOU."