Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Places in Los Angeles I Go to See Things and Do Stuff: THE HOTEL CAFE

If you've been to The Hotel Cafe, you know this: Great, great, great place to see and hear some music. Small space with a terrific sound. Meticulously curated array of up-and-coming powerpop types and singersongwriter types and all kinds of other types, too, if those types aren't for you. Plus, place was filled with Adults. Not Old People, but regular people who may not care that this is your first time in here and don't know to use the back door where exactly to pick up your Panini.

Anyway. Go here, see music. Pretty much any night is a good night. We saw four performances, each shuffled in and out on the hour
  1. Guy with a piano, name of Aaron Beaumont.
  2. Until June, band with a big urgent sound that I really dig. Maybe they're on the GREY'S ANATOMY soundtrack you have.
  3. Lady Danville, fun, three playful, harmonizing kids who are wrapping up a residency deal at the Hotel Cafe this week. Love these guys. Didn't take much.
  4. Ryan Calhoun, who, to reduce an artist to a simple comparison that may or may not be fair, sounds like Matthew Good (who had been on the same stage earlier in the week).
Also, civilized and even whimsical bathroom graffiti. Usually, but not always, a good sign.

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