Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Totally Want a New Mini Clubman but Maybe Not Even as Much as I Want Those New Mini Clubman Shoes

My new car crush isn't a stretch from my current ride, but it's starting to get weird. I drive a Mini Cooper. It's a few years old. It doesn't even have 50,000 on it, and the thing's already been in the shop a few times, even had the transmission completely replaced. But I've never loved driving a car more, and am now inexplicably finding myself drawn to the new, wagon-y upgrade, the Mini Clubman.

It's longer, but not by too much. It's faster. It's got more storage space. It's got a third door, for back seat access. (Would be useful, as the little man rides back there now, and is in the habit of climbing out through the trunk. Which he loves.) It's a little, you know, more Mini.

Anyway. This isn't the point. I'm not getting a Clubman, at least not any time soon. Doesn't make sense. Don't need it. But I can still crush. And today Mini sends me a link to the Clubman gear, and the crush gets deeper.

I find myself not only wanting a ride 9-inches longer, with two extra doors and secret cubbies, but I want the matching messenger bag. And hoodie. And wow those shoes look way comfortable. Like the most comfortable shoes I've ever seen.

So, now here I am thinking: Can I even wear Mini Clubman shoes if I'm driving just a regular old Mini? Is that a faux pas of some sick kind? Wouldn't that be awkward, running into some other guy with Clubman shoes, and having to admit, yeah, hey what's up, no, I just have a regular one. And it's an automatic…

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Anonymous said...

Hey, you're blogging again. Cool.

To the topic at hand: I suspect you could walk into a lot of shoe stores and buy yourself some fancy Asics semi-sneakers like the ones pictured here, 'cause that's all those appear to be.

Because, really, the idea that in order to really experience a vehicle you need a pre-approved pair of shoes and a bag and whatnot, that just makes me kind of sad inside.

That is all.