Friday, February 29, 2008

Tony Stark is Still a Dick, but the IRON MAN Trailer Makes Me Feel all Funny Inside

This is out today, and I guess I'll have to put off being totally over superhero movies for another year. The best part is the completely earnest, and oddly appropriate, use of AC/DC. Who has the balls to even attempt using "Back in Black" except as a joke, anymore? Good show. Also appreciate how very un-DARK KNIGHT and post-SPIDER-MAN the effects and attitude are. As much as I'm not into the Iron Man books, especially now in his post-Marvel Civil War Dick Cheneyesque incarnation, this has me hooked. I'm in, Tony. Whatever you need.

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Unknown said...

I haven't read an Iron Man comic in a long time (yeah, my geek cred diminishes...), but holy cow I'm definitely going to see the movie.