Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Stupid Movie. Thinks Ancient Animals were Still Around a Few Thousand Years Ago and Whatever. Dumb Movie. Doesn't Know Any Better.

So I was all cranky about this "10,000 B.C." movie. I was all like, that movie's stupid. That movie thinks that there were still saber-toothed cats and mastodons and all those ice-agey animals 12,000 years ago. That’s not that long ago, movie. Those are totally animals from WAY back, and pitting them against cave people and some Mayan/Egyptian/pre-history pyramid builders is just silly.

Anyway, this was for whatever reason bothering me last night so I get out of bed and start looking up saber-toothed cats and mastodons. Turns out the things both went extinct, like, nine and ten thousand years ago. After a run of about 33 million years. So maybe this movie's all about--and I can buy that--the last mastodons, and the last saber-toothed cats. The stragglers. The hangers-on. Sure thing.

So. I'm sorry, movie. My bad.

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