Thursday, February 28, 2008

Meet the New Blog, So Totally Not the Same as the Old Blog

I'll keep this short. Since this here is a new blog, I need to give it some kind of new blog introduction, mission statement and pep talk, the sort of thing that sends a new blog charging off hollering let's do it and go team and that whole scene.

So, hello, this is my new blog. Welcome to my new blog. It looks an awful like my old blog, and has the same name, but it's new. Believe me. New space, new attitude and energy.

Anyway, new blog, new rules. A few of them:

  1. Write more often.
  2. Say more, about more.
  3. Don't take it (or anything) so seriously.

What's handy is that these rules apply to life in general. All part
of a larger project, see?

Now, what is it about? That's always been the hardest part of a blog, new or old, for me. What's it about. But taking the above rules into account, and not thinking too much about it, this one's about me. Glenn Gaslin. Writer, father, nerdy person, entertainment journalist and fan of hot beverages, small cars and The Future.

So here's what might get covered here:

  1. Movies. Part of my job is editing film coverage for E! Online, part of my life.
  2. Coffee.
  3. Family.
  4. Doodles of monsters.
  5. Writing. I'm working, and working, on my second novel and may have a thing or two to say about the process.
  6. Geek TV.
  7. Kid media. The deeper I get into the stories, sounds and images that surround my son in the 21st century, the more I'm digging it. I'm finding this stuff endlessly weird and delightful. So more about that.
  8. Los Angeles.
  9. And until it gets here, The Future.
Anyway. Always nice to see you. Please drop a comment if you're around.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Bravo on the new/old blog - I look forward to hearing more astonishing tales of danger and wonder... and hearing more about that next novel of yours.

I still have Beemer stuck in my head at odd moments. And I too am working on a new novel-ish book, sort of a rockumentary based on some "articles" I've published in a defense technology journal... and I say "articles" because so many of them were fiction (film noir, sci fi, fairytale, etc).

So I look forward to hearing more about your writing, 'cause as you pointed out, Write More Often really is a good rule for life.